D&D Attack Wing

D&D Attack Wing OP Month 3

The Sentry Box will be hosting the third month of the D&D Attack Wing Organized Play series on Monday April 6th at 6:30pm. Entry for the event is $10 and includes a blind booster.

Campaign Adventure 3: Poisoning the Well
The hardscrabble farming village of Amphail, just north of Waterdeep, has earned a reputation for containing hard-working, stubborn hagglers. Any outsiders better have the best of intentions, or else.

The Cult of the Dragon, having achieved their first goal of finding and collecting the mystical dragon masks that will allow them to free the dragon goddess Tiamat from her otherworldly prison, have moved on to the next step in their infernal recipe; they must gather large quantities of treasure suitable as tribute for one of her station.

To that end, they’ve threatened countless cities, towns, and villages throughout Faerûn, and many communities have paid what they could to be left alone.Not so, Amphail. Its inhabitants refused to pay the cult, choosing instead to call for help against its forces.
Therefore, the cult has decided to make an example of them, and has sent forces to poison their main well and then to loot their unprotected homesteads. Can they be resisted? Will any arrive to challenge them?


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