Grotscon Infinity tournament

GROTScon will be adding an Infinity tournament to their schedule of events for this year.

From their announcement:

We at the GROTS are trying to improve our gaming repertoire, and Infinity is the game the I am personally looking at. We are currently expanding our terrain collection, and developing players.

We run an annual convention called GROTScon. This year, it is running April 17-19. Many of you will know this as a Warmachine event. While there will be a large Warmachine presence here, as a con, it is not just Warmachine. As a con, we run multiple events, and this year, we are putting on an Infinity I.T.S. Tournament.

We have set Sunday April 19 as the tourney date. Registration will start at 9 am, with dice rolling at 10 am. 300 pt I.T.S. Lists. As of right now, we will be using I.T.S. 2014 as I.T.S. 2015 is not yet released. If it is released before GROTScon, it will be used. We’re looking at a 3 round event. Please go to the GROTScon Facebook page to register.

I know many of you are planning on attending the Calgary Comic Expo on that weekend, but I hope you’ll also consider this 1 day Infinity tournament. It’s only an hour away, and I hope you will join us here in Red Deer for this event.

Update: The ITS 2015 document has been released and will be used at the event. The event will be a 300pt, two list format using ‘vanilla’ or Sectorial lists from the same faction.


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