New arrivals for Monday March 2nd, 2015

As the week turns slowly to Monday, so do the days of our lives so do the list of new arrivals. This week’s list has some new products that arrived last week as our blog monkey was unable to update the site due to a wounded paw.

Ascension: Year One Collector’s Edition by StoneBlade Entertainment

This product contains all the cards from the first year of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen boxed sets, the Rat King, Rat Queen, Leprechaun and Samael Claus Theme Packs, and all 12 of the promo cards we released in that time. This limited edition run also features the first appearance of foil cards in Ascension! All 346 cards are done in a high-quality foil finish, featuring new card frames and updated art.

Save Game • A World of Adventure for Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions

A vicious computer virus threatens to corrupt the entire internet, and the only ones standing in its way are the characters from your video games.

8-bit heroes battle monsters and corrupted files—it’s Wreck-It Ralph meets Lord of the Rings in a fight for the fate of the world!

This 56-page Fate Core adventure provides a complete world to adventure in, including randomized character generation rules, ideas to govern digital adventures, and new Fate point hacks.

Aether Sea • A World of Adventure for Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions

Maneuver your ship through the vast aether in The Aether Sea, a Fate world and adventure by Ed Turner. A thousand years of war on Homeworld left it a magically-blighted wasteland, so the elves and dwarves stopped fighting for five minutes and figured out how to leave it behind. Soon everyone took to the vast, empty aether sea. The Royal Hegemony keeps a tight rein on the Spellcaster’s Union, and the magic that makes aether travel possible. Play the crew of a little aethercraft out in the deep sea. But you’ve got bad blood with the Royals, so take jobs carefully and make do with the best magic unofficial channels can provide. Keeping the ship afloat won’t be easy. The sea’s a dark and lonely place, and secondhand magic is… fussy. When it works at all.

Romance in the Air • A World of Adventure for Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions

Enjoy the heady, innocent days before the war in Romance in the Air, a Fate world and adventure by Bill White, author of Ganakagok. In the skies over a fin de siècle Europe that never was, the aristocracy mingles in elegant comfort upon balloon-borne sky-salons and aerial lounges, dallying in an endless round of parties and excursions.

But the winds of war are rising, and ambitious nobles rub elbows with scheming spymasters to decide the succession of a key Central European province. Romance meets high-stakes political intrigue as the affections of a young countess sway the fate of nations, while down below earthbound commoners look to the skies and dream of flight. It’s Downton Abbey meets Last Exile, on a collision course with Dr. Zhivago.

Fly Casual by Fantasy Flight Games

Smuggling in the Star Wars galaxy is a high stakes job filled with danger and excitement. However, flying from one planet to another, sneaking past Imperial patrols, and dealing with the scum of the galaxy is not just a job; it is a way of life. For those men and women drawn to this lifestyle, its opportunities, its freedoms, and its thrills, Fly Casual offers a terrific haul of new character options, equipment, ships, modifications, and potential jobs.

Golem Arcana: Durani Scions of Honor by Harebrained Games

The Scions of Honor now march with the Empire’s armies, bringing with them a host of new abilities to halt the Gudanna hordes. Including the Vigilant Sentinel, Blazing Dervish and Growling Phalanx, in addition to four new relics The Scions of Honor are here to turn the tide.

Golem Arcana: Gudanna Terrors of the Steppes by Harebrained Games

Gudanna golems are known for taking advantage of their ability to charge at their opponent to deliver a devastating attck at close range and the Terrors of the Steppes – the Blood Channeler, the Grappling Death and the Demon Lash .

Krosmaster: Arena – Kerubim Expansion by Japanime Games

Kerub, the hero of the Dofus series, is hitting the arena claws first! Find Kerub and all his friends and use their unique abilities to creat a fur-raising team of fighters!

4 Pre-painted Figures
– Lou
– Joris
– Kerubim Crepin
– Papycha
Character Cards
4 Bonus Elements

Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #2 by Clever Mojo Games

4 Alien Tech Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers)
Deflector Shield
Field Amplifier
Field Propagator
Fleet Interlink
2 Agenda Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers: Factions)
5 Facility Reference Cards
1 Blank Alien Tech Card

D&D Attack Wing Gold Dragon Expansion by WizKid Games

Pacatus the gold dragon has always been slow to anger, and feels an abundance of mercy for both his allies and his foes. He is likely to issue fair warning to his enemies before engaging them, and prefers to discourage them with his weakening breath rather than scorch them with his fire breath. Even so, there are times when even the most patient dragons can be tested, and when his wrath is incurred, Pacatus’ strength and speed make him a powerful enemy to reckon with

D&D Attack Wing Gargoyle Expansion by WizKid Games

Malebolge is a creature of living stone, a gargoyle with powerful claws and jagged stone teeth. But his true strength lies in his durability, his ability to withstand massive punishment especially when anchored firmly on the ground where his strength is greatest.

D&D Attack Wing Stone Giant Expansion by WizKid Games

Stone giants are known for their mastery at hurling massive rocks across mighty distances, and Ancoram the stone giant elder is no exception. His deft hands can launch rocks at his foes with blinding speed, slamming his enemies hard and disrupting their plans. Ancoram also knows a thing or two about sorcery, including a way to transform his skin into pure stone, which pleases him greatly.

Crisis Expansion Pack 2 for the DC Deck Building Game by Cryptozoic Games

The DC Universe is in peril… again! In the DC Comics Deck-building Game Crisis Expansion Pack 2, you will face some of the most epic challenges, events, and destructive forces in the history of comic-dom. As a Crisis Expansion you can expect co-operative gameplay and “Impossible Mode” Super-Villains for fans of the popular and critically acclaimed deck-building game. But you’ll also find new Super Heroes and new main deck cards for competitive players. Truly something for everyone!

The Crisis cards are for co-operative play only. Players must team-up to overcome these challenging events. The gameplay you thought you knew will never be the same when these ongoing terrors hit the table. Work together to defeat all of the Super-Villains before time runs out!

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