Krosmaster Tournament

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Krosmaster tournament on Sunday May 1oth starting at 12 noon.

Please note that due to a conflict with International Tabletop Day 2015, this event has been moved to Sunday May 10th.

Want to get some training in before you take the online leaderboard by storm? Just put together your team of warriors and take on adversaries of your level, either at your place or at one of the many tournaments to be held soon!

In this game of tactical combats that play out in less than an hour, there’s little left to chance: it’s up to you to think strategically and put your tactics into action to defeat all who stand before you. Besides the regular board game, Krosmaster Arena takes inspiration from the world of MMORPGs to bring you strategic battles worthy of its big brothers, DOFUS and WAKFU. In Krosmaster Arena, anything could happen!

The Krosmaster Arena BOARD GAME promises dramatic matches chock-full of twists and turns, and adrenaline-fuelled tournaments!

The tournament rules for Krosmaster can be found on their website

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