Warhammer 40,000 Conquest 2015 Store Championship report

posted by Zac

Yesterday we had eleven players show up for the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest 2015 Store Championship. We were also lucky to have a contingent of players from Edmonton drive down to join in. As usual, the folks from Edmonton provided an extra competitive challenge and also bring down some new deck ideas. Thanks guys! Photos of our top four winners (and Stad!) as well as some game photos are on our Facebook Page.

The players and their decks were

  • Zac : Chaos/Ork Ramp
  • Bill Ramsey: Space Wolves/Astra Militarum
  • Scott Armstrong: Chaos/Dark Eldar
  • Lee Hodgson: Eldar/Dark Eldar
  • Jared Cerel: Eldar
  • Ross Connor: Dark Eldar/Eldar
  • Brian Ruptesh: Eldar/ Dark Eldar
  • Andrew Rezansoff: Eldar/Dark Eldar
  • Jason Stadnyk: Space Wolves/Astra Militarum
  • Tim Driedger: Space Wolves/?
  • Kevin Hynes: Tau

All the Marine players brought Ragnar, as I expected, but the main faction present were Eldar either as the main faction with Dark Eldar allies or mixed into a Dark Eldar deck. Three of the top four players were using Eldar and Dark Eldar. Surprisingly, for all the worry on my part, the Ragnar Blackmane decks didn’t really dominate.

The final results of the event were

  1. Kevin Hynes
  2. Jared Cerel
  3. Brian Ruptesh
  4. Andrew Rezansoff
  5. Lee Hodgson
  6. Ross Connor
  7. Tim Driedger
  8. Jason Stadnyk
  9. Scott Armstrong
  10. Zac
  11. Bill Ramsey

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made it a fun event. Special thanks to the crew form Edmonton for coming down.


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