Dice Masters OP Month 5


The Sentry Box will be hosting Month 5 of the Marvel Dice Masters Organized Play series on Sunday February 15th, 2015.

The suggested format for this event is Swiss format, with paired participants playing best of three matches per round; each round is a minimum of 45 minutes long.

Players bring 2 Basic Action cards (with Basic Action Dice)

Players brings 4 Character/Action cards each with 3 dice each or MAX dice (whichever is lowest).

Each player purchases 10 Marvel Dice Masters Expansion Packs.

Using the contents of the 10 Expansion Packs and the Character/Action cards/dice they brought with them, players assemble a Team built to the following specifications:
• Up to 8 Character/Action cards and up to 20 corresponding dice
• Players are not required to use all the cards/dice they brought with them.

Each player starts with 20 life.

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