Star Trek: Resistance is Futile Month Three – “Endgame”


Sentry Box will be hosting the third event in the Star Trek Resistance is Futile Organized Play event on Monday January 19th starting at 6pm. There is a $10 entry fee for the event and includes an event specific booster.

After having spent years in the Delta Quadrant, with little hope of returning to your homes, a plan has been devised to return to the Alpha Quadrant using the Borg’s transwarp network. With this plan, a transwarp hub could be destroyed as well, which would inflict a major blow to the Borg’s power in the galaxy.

A neurolytic pathogen has been introduced into the Borg Collective and the time to strike is now. As you ready to enter the nebula containing the transwarp hub, an enemy fleet is attempting to stop you. Will you succeed and return to the Alpha Quadrant, or will you be thwarted and left in the Delta Quadrant?

Scenario and fleet construction details are available on the Wizkids website.

Check out our Facebook page to sign up in advance.

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