Retro CCG day coming in 2015

In late January or early February 2015 we will be hosting a Retro CCG day at The Sentry Box. We will be hosting demos of some of the current LCGs and games such as Doomtown.

As well, we are looking for players to come out and bring their favourite “old but still loved” CCGs for people to play. Are you a fan of Wars, Star Wars, BattleTech, Mythos, Star Trek, the original Deadlands, Middle Earth, Galactic Empires, Warlord, Babylon 5, Overpower or something else? Then contact us and bring down your decks and get ready to game.

You can contact us via Facebook, the contact page on our blog or by emailing

Tell us what games you want to bring down and what day works best for you so we can schedule a day that works for the most players.

In addition we will be pulling out our stock of old CCG starters and boosters and offering them at discount prices.

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