Star Trek: Resistance is Futile Month Two – “Unimatrix Zero”


Sentry Box will be hosting the second event in the Star Trek Resistance is Futile Organized Play event on Monday November 24th starting at 6pm. There is a $10 entry fee for the event and includes an event specific booster.

A group of Drones has broken their connection with the Hive Mind and formed Unimatrix Zero. While regenerating, these Drones are able to enter Unimatrix Zero and recall all of the memories of their former lives. With the assistance of ships outside of the Borg’s influence, these rebel Drones have found a way to maintain their individualities even when they are not regenerating and have staged a rebellion against the Borg Collective.

But the Borg Queen has learned of Unimatrix Zero and has begun hunting down these rebellious Drones and destroying them. Even if it means the destruction of an entire Cube to kill just one of these traitors, she will not let this mutinous action go unanswered or unpunished.

Scenario and fleet construction details are available on the Wizkids website.

Check out our Facebook page to sign up in advance.

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