New Releases July 11th

Here are the new releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

Pandemic: On the Brink expansion

Impact City Roller Derby

The Duke

The Duke: Customization expansion

Mythic Battles: Expansion 1

Escape: Illusions Expansion 1


Dungeon Heroes

Dungeon Heroes: Lords of the Undead/The Dragon & The Damsel


Conspiracy X: The Conspiracies sourcebook

Airship Pirates: Underneath the Lamplight


Blackwater Gulch: Rulebook

Blackwater Gulch: The Clancy Gang Starter

Blackwater Gulch: Los Bandidos Mexicanos Starter

Blackwater Gulch: The Bloodwolf Tribe Starter

Convergence of Cyriss Battlegroup

Convergence Colors Paint Set

Convergence of Cyriss Cipher/Inverter/Monitor Heavy Vector

Forces of Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss

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