New Releases Jan 9th (and earlier)

The Christmas rush caused me to miss reporting a few of the new releases so I’m adding all of the new items that have come into the store since December 21st to this post.


Board/Card Games:

Ladies of Troyes (Dec 21st)

Clash of Cultures (Dec 21st)

Mage Wars Core Spell Tome 2 (Dec 21st)

Ginkgopolis (Dec 21st)

Star Wars: The Card Game (Dec 28th)

Legends of Andor (Dec 28th)

Gauntlet of Fools Dec 28th)

Banditos: Hippies & an Armored Truck (Dec 28th)

Power Grid: Northern Europe & UK & Ireland expansion (Jan 9th)

Joomba! (Jan 9th)

Guildhall (Jan 9th)


Hordes – Trollbloods: Trollkin Long Riders (Dec 21st)

Warmachine – Retribution of Scyrah: Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard (Dec 21st)

Warmachine – Cygnar: Stormguard Storm Knight Unit (Dec 21st)


Iron Kingdoms RPG – Urban Adventure (Dec 21st)

Shadowrun – Dirty Tricks (Jan 9th)

Doctor Who RPG – UNIT Sourcebook (Jan 9th)

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