New Releases December 12th

Here are the latest new releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

Ticket to Ride: Heart of Africa


Space Cadets


Revolver 2

Cobra Twist

Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

I’m the Boss! The Card Game

Netrunner: What Lies Ahead Data Pack

Warhammer Invasion: Oaths of Vengeance Battle Pack

Munchkin Duck of Doom Plush

Munchkin Duck of Gloom Plush

Dust Warfare: Campaign Book: Hades


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – The Enemy Within

Mermaid Adventures

Black Crusade – The Tome of Blood

Call of Cthulhu – Terror from the Skies

A Song of Ice & Fire RPG – Night’s Watch

Battletech – A Time of War Companion

Traveller – Netherell Epic Fantasy 10

Legend of the Five Rings RPG – The Book of Earth

Dungeons & Dragons – Shattered Keeps Map Pack

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