Sentry Box Used Games Sections

For those of you that are unaware, we have two sections of the store dedicated to used items. One is upstairs in the military section and contains a large selection of used wargames and military history books. The second is downstairs under the main staircase and contains all of our used roleplaying games and more recently we have added used board games as well.

Since a lot of our used items don’t get added into inventory in the same way as regular items, they don’t show up on our website if you search for them. So I am planning on occasional blog posts to highlight recent additions to our used sections.

Come and check them out as you may find some bargains or even out of print or hard to find items.

Recent additions this week include:

Lost Cities The Board Game – $20

Tobago – $28

Carcassonne (including the River expansion) – $20

Puerto Rico (including a whole bunch of fancy player aids the previous owner printed off) – $25

Attika – $18

Jab: Realtime Boxing – $10

Unspeakable Words – $10

Illuminati: Crime Lords – $15

Balloon Cup – $13

Odin’s Ravens – $13

Kahuna – $13

Cold War: CIA vs KGB – $8

Citadels – $13

Godzilla Stomp! – $6

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