New Releases September 14th

I’ve been a bit slack with both blog posts in general, but with the new releases for the last couple of weeks in particular. So with that in mind I’m going to add in things that came in over the past couple of weeks to the things that have just arrived:

Board/Card Games:

Battle Beyond Space

Android: Netrunner


Level 7

Moral Conflict 1941

Panzer + Expansions 1 & 2

Bloody April

Andean Abyss

Starship Merchants

A Game of the Thrones Board Game – A Dance with Dragons expansion deck

Battlestations – How much for your planet? expansion


Star Wars X-Wing Base Game

Star Wars X-Wing – X-Wing expansion

Star Wars X-Wing – Y-Wing expansion

Star Wars X-Wing – TIE Fighter expansion

Star Wars X-Wing – TIE Advanced expansion

Marvel Heroclix 10th Anniversary edition

DC Heroclix 10th Anniversary edition

Wings of Glory WW1 Rules & Accessories


D&D 3.5 Premium Core Book reprints

Shadowrun – The Clutch of Dragons

One Ring – Tales from Wilderland

Castles & Crusades – Player’s Handbook

Castles & Crusades – Goblins of Mount Shadow

Dungeon Crawl Classics – Beyond the Black Gate

Fiery Dragon – Monster Medallions

Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG – Beta Edition

Pathfinder – Superior Fantasy Synergy

Yggdrasill RPG

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying – Civil War Premium edition

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying – Civil War Essentials edition

Beneath the Heart of Empire

Tunnels & Trolls – Castle of the Dead: Dead by Dawn

Erfworld – It’s Raining Men

Erfworld – Meet the Jetstones

A Song of Ice & Fire RPG – Campaign Guide: A Game of Thrones Edition

Conspiracy X – The Paranormal Sourcebook

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