New releases August 24th-27th

Here are the new releases in the store over the weekend:

Board/Card Games:

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Special Edition


Pirates vs Ninjas Dice Game

Army vs Aliens Dice Game

Hull Breach


A Game of Thrones LCG – Scattered Armies Chapter Pack


Dungeon Crawl Classics – The 13th Skull

Pathfinder – Dark Roads & Golden Wells

Rune Quest 6th Edition

Pathfinder – Ultimate Equipment

Pathfinder – Paths of Justice

Pathfinder – Varisa

Pathfinder – From Hell’s Heart

Pathfinder – Shards of Sin

Pathfinder – Shattered Star Cards

Pathfinder – Bestiary Box


Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Miniatures

Warmachine – Cryx Kraken

Warmachine – Cygnar Avenger, Centurion, Hammersmith


Knights of the Dinner Table #190

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