New Releases in store April 12th

Here are the new releases in store April 12th:

Board/Card Games:

Castles of Burgundy
Dead Fellas
Munchkin: Good, Bad and the Deadly 2 Beating a Dead Horse
Stone Age: Style is the Goal
Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature


KoDT: Bundle of Trouble # 36


Heroclix: Galactic Guardians: Super Booster, Booster
Heroclix: Galactic Guardians: Annihilators Fast Forces
Hordes: Minions, Swamp Horror Heavy Warbeast
Hordes: Trollbloods, Rok Heavy Warbeast – Dire Troll Character Upgrade Kit
Hordes: Trollbloods, Dire Troll
Pathfinder: Champions of Evil Encounter Pack
Warmachine: Cygnar Minuteman Light Warjack


Dungeons and Dragons:  Neverwinter Tales
Dungeons and Dragons: Ruins of the Undermountain (HC)
Mutants & Masterminds: Watch Guard Sourcebook
Pathfinder: Your Whispering Homoculus
Shadowrun: Shadowrun: Jet Set
Savage Worlds: Horror Companion
Wayfarer’s: Wayfarers Gamemaster’s Reference Book

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