Free Promo Items

We often get sent free promotional items for various games which I try to hand out to people when they buy the appropriate games. However, we sometimes get more than I seem to be able to give out, or I forget to mention them, etc.

So if you want any of the following promo items just ask the next time you are in store. Some of them we only have one copy, some we have many, so they’ll be given out on a first come first served basis:

Thunderstone – Werewolf
Nightfall – Pale Fury
Seven Dragons – Shuffle Hands
Small World – Tunnels
Legend of Drizzt – Vierna Do’urden
Formula D – promo car
At-43/Confrontation Cards
Penny Arcade Deck Building Game – Fruit F***er Prime
Frag – Suicide Bomb
Star Trek Deck Building Game – Jean-Luc Picard
Munchkin – The Luggage
Killer Bunnies & The Ultimate Odyssey – Onyx Lotus
Killer Bunnies & The Quest for the Magic Carrot – Bunnies the Gathering, Horton Hates a Who, Psi Corps & Indiana Clones
Airlines Europe – Flight Ban
Tokens from what I think is Tannhauser (may have come from a defective character pack)

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