Essen releases have arrived!

The boxes of games that I bought at Essen and shipped back have just arrived! As mentioned before the shipping costs were extremely high so the prices are much higher than I’d like to sell for but sadly we need to make a little money out of this to pay for the trip. Here is a list of all the games and the prices:

Antiquity $144.95
Colonial: Europe’s Empires Overseas $107.95
Drako (including Essen promo) $41.95
Pret-a-Porter $64.95
Outpost 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition $79.95
Upon a Salty Ocean $64.95
The Forgotten Planet $64.95
Fortuna $71.95
The Phantom League $86.95 *
The Phantom League: Mostly Harmless expansion $54.95 *
Welcome to Walnut Grove $61.95
Lupin the 3rd $74.95
51st State: The New Era (including Essen promo) $51.95
K2: Broad Peak expansion $32.95
Rallyman $61.95
Rallyman: Dirt expansion $61.95
23 Card Game (German rules only) $15.95

* If you buy The Phantom League with the Mostly Harmless expansion you will receive a 10% discount on both

Obviously all of these games are very limited. Some may be the only copy we have, so make sure you call or get down to the store early if you are after something specific.

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