Clarification and reminder of the new events policy

I’ve had some feedback on the new events policy and just wanted to post again to clarify exactly what this will mean.

What we ask of you is that when you buy something, if you are in store for an event, or come to the store most often because of a particular event (even if you are not there at that time to play), just mention it to the person on the till.

What this will do is give us an idea of which events are valued by our customers. The reason for this is that on odd occasions we have conflicts and are short of space, and it would be nice to have some criteria with which to make a decision on who gets to have the space at that time. What it will not be is a blanket policy whereby if an event isn’t seen to be generating a certain amount of income it will not be welcome at the store. We will still have events in store as much as space will allow.

What we would like to know is which events are most valued by the customers, but without imposing a charge for every event. Hopefully this information will help us to improve the store in the future and help us judge how well we are doing with our events.

As always, email me at if you have any questions or comments.


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