New Releases July 26th-28th

Here are the new releases that arrived in store from July 26th-28th:

Board/Card Games:

Ikusa (reprint of Shogun/Samurai Swords)
Jab: Realtime Boxing
Proud Monster (Deluxe)
Devil’s Dice
A Game of Thrones LCG: The Isle of Ravens
Warhammer Invasion: Eclipse of Hope
Lord of the Rings the Card Game: The HUnt for Gollum (please note that our first batch were all spoken for but we should be getting more on Friday)


Hordes: Targ
Warmachine: Captain Damiano
Battletech: Era Report 3062


Traveller: 3rd Imperium: Alien Module 4: Zhodani
Querp: Modern Core Rulebook
Querp: Gamemaster’s Companion
Earthdawn: Burning Desires
Kobold Quarterly #18
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Black Fire Pass
Dark Heresy: Church of the Damned

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