New Policy for Events

After consultation and discussion we are going to be implementing a new policy regarding events from the beginning of August.

If you are buying something and are in the store because you are playing or running a specific event then you should inform the person on the till. They will make a note of the purchase amount and it will be entered into a spreadsheet to keep track of the total money spent by each event. We will then periodically review to make sure the events that deserve to be allocated space continue to get it, and perhaps look at whether other events should continue.

So this will mean that there is NO fee for playing in events, as was one of the ideas previously put forward. However, I do want to make sure those groups that support the store are getting space to play so we have come up with this alternative.

We would like to continue offering free gaming space but lately there have been lots of broken chairs, tables, handrails, damaged walls, etc. and the maintenance costs for running the space have been increasing. By making sure that the groups using the space are the ones that spend money in store it helps to justify us eating these maintenance costs.

If you have any questions or comments on this new policy please email me at



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