Essen 2011

Since I am primarily a boardgamer the one event in the year that gets me really excited is the Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany.

We’re now only 3 months away and the hype and buzz is starting for the many games that will be released at the fair this year. One thing that I did last year and am hoping to do again this year is buy a bunch of the games and have them shipped back to the store so that people can get the hot new releases and/or hard to find stuff before they are more widely available.

An Essen Canonical List has just been created on Boardgamegeek and there will hopefully be a detailed post from W Eric Martin in the news section of BGG about all the releases fairly soon.

What I want from you lovely people is for you to let me know if there are games you would like me to bring back for you. The more people who ask for a specific game, the more likely I will be to ship a few copies back. As much as I would love to ship multiple copies of every game at the fair I will have a limited budget, so letting me know well in advance will help. Also, the prices will be as fair as I can make them but the shipping is not cheap from Germany and not all the vendors offer discounts to retailers.

So basically, let me know what you think will be hot this October!

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