Info on the potential events policy change

I figure it’s worth giving a little clarification on the motivation behind the possible policy change. Despite having a large amount of gaming space we are getting to the point where we are not only full and crowded on some days but that I am having to turn some events away. As much as I would love to be able to provide space to all groups, whether they spend nothing, a little or a lot at the store, I think that it is only fair that the groups that support the store by spending money here should be allocated space ahead of those that don’t. If you agree with that, then it just becomes a matter of how we implement such a policy. How do we determine if groups are spending money? As one comment mentioned, one option is having a ‘membership’ that allows you to use the space and that you get by spending x amount. The token system would essentially be doing the same thing, it’s just a matter of how we do the book keeping and policing. Either way will involve some amount of work for us, but the idea is to help those of you who help the store to thrive. The amount we would be looking at would probably be something in the region of $2-5 per person per event. So if you are coming in store for an event and were planning on spending more than $5 it would have no real affect on you. You could also save up the tokens and use them to buy something larger at a later date.

The important thing to note at the moment is that this is just an idea and that we are looking for feedback before making any kind of decision.

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