Queen’s English #14

Here is my latest Queen’s English article that will be appearing in the newsletter whenever Gord gets round to putting it out. You lucky people get to read it right now though!

Given the title of this article I think it would be remiss of me if I didn’t talk about the media circus event that took place a few of weeks ago. No, not the Federal elections, I’ll come to that shortly. I am of course talking about the Royal Wedding. Naturally I was doing what many of you were doing in the wee hours of that Friday… sleeping. Not that I am a Republican or an anti-Royalist, I just like my sleep and I’m also a guy, and hence not overly interested in seeing what hat the Duchess of wherever was wearing, or what dress Mrs Miggins was wearing.

Now I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Royalist either, but I think there is really a clear choice if it comes to keeping the Monarchy or changing to a Republic. The question as far as I’m concerned is ‘What do we gain by becoming a Republic? The answer as far as I can see is ‘nothing!’ On the other hand, what would we lose? Well, if the Royal family were booted out and forced to just go live in Windsor castle or Sandringham or something, then I imagine the tourist trade in London would take a hit. Likewise there would be one less topic for the media to talk about and less amusement from Prince Philip’s ridiculous quotes. So all in all I say keep them there. If only because getting rid of them seems like it would serve no purpose. Unless we have a French style revolution with guillotines and everything – that might be interesting. Of course I would never want to admit to doing anything the French did first. I’d be permanently exiled from the UK for suggesting it.

So, onto the Federal election. Emperor Palpatine is now in full control and will be building up his clone armies soon. I of course was not allowed to vote since I’m not a Canadian. Personally I think that I should get two votes, coming from the Motherland and all. My vote may well have made all the difference, especially in such a tightly fought area such as Calgary. Oh wait, never mind. Anyway, as a white male, aged 21-55, in full time employment, with no children and no house I am fully in the political apathy camp as all parties seem to pretty much have the same effect on me, i.e. zero. Of course they do say not to discuss politics or religion, so I’ll leave it at that before I get swamped with hate mail from my two readers!

Onto store related things, and many of you may have noticed a few changes occurring. We’ve been planning some major rearranging for a while now and things are finally starting to happen. The board game section will be expanding and will eventually be moved front and centre, shifting the GW and miniatures around the corner. As a board game aficionado I would take all the blame for this but Gord actually had the final say. For now the board games have spread out along one of the walls and all the tall shelves that blocked the views and the light are out of the way. The roleplaying section has been condensed and moved to mostly one large aisle. It’s somewhat unsorted at the moment but will eventually be in good order, with the used items down at the end of the aisle. The book store has also been slightly condensed, allowing for one aisle along the wall to be used for some miniatures and the rules to go along with them. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more stock out on the floor due to this, instead of hidden in the back. Eventually, the card desk will be moved as well, allowing for more space for the ever-growing Magic sets and other games. In any case, any feedback on the changes will be appreciated.

On the events side of things, my fourth 24 hour gaming session was a big success, attracting about 45 people throughout the course of the day. There has been a surge in events over the past months, with the weekends in particular often hosting 8-10 different events, ranging from cards, to miniatures to roleplaying. This has meant a bit of a squeeze for space on some days but I appreciate the efforts from everyone involved to play nice and rearrange when necessary. I try hard not to disrupt the regular groups that meet but on occasion it needs to be done to fit in some of the one off events. It seems odd to say it but the Sentry Box just isn’t big enough sometimes!

If you’re unaware of everything we have going on, here is a list of the events that we have going on at some point during a typical month:

Magic the Gathering (drafts, standard constructed, Legacy, plus pre-releases, releases, game days, etc.)
Painting and modeling demos
War of the Ring
Strange Aeons
Axis & Allies Miniatures
Blood Bowl
Warhammer, Warhammer 40K & other GW games
Stage Rats Improv Group
Open Gaming (mostly board games but anything welcome)
D&D Encounters
Tabletop Armies of Calgary playing a variety of tabletop games
Imaginative Fiction Writers’ Association
D&D Meetup
Flames of War
Legend of the 5 Rings CCG
Wings of War
Star Wars RPG Meetup
Stratagem playing historical board games
De Bellis Antiquitatis – tactical historical miniatures game
Japanese Anime Watcher’s Society
World of Warcraft CCG
Vampire The Eternal Struggle CCG
Warmachine & Hordes open gaming
Car Wars
Plus many private groups playing various roleplaying and other games

Phew, that’s quite a lot, having just had to type it all out. Hopefully there is something in there that interests pretty much anyone, but if not let me know and maybe we can squeeze in an event for something you do want to play sometime.

One thing I’ve been considering for either the Tuesday or Thursday night open gaming sessions is to make it into a ‘learning night’ so that if anyone is interested in learning a particular game they can let me know in advance and then I will teach that game on a specific night in the future. Any feedback on that idea would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future articles please let me know.

My email is ops@sentrybox.com

Please check out our:
Blog (https://sentrybox.wordpress.com/)
Twitter account (http://twitter.com/thesentrybox)
Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Calgary-AB/Sentry-Box/183581223427)
and our Boardgamegeek Guild (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/341)


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