See anything you fancy?

As a follow up to my GAMA post I spoke to people with a few different companies who were selling products that we don’t currently carry but that I think some of you may be interested in.

As you may or may not know we get most of our stock through distribution, but obviously the distributors don’t always pick up all of the companies. The problem then becomes the fact that if these companies are based in the US (as they invariably are) it makes it very expensive to order direct from them and pay shipping, brokerage fees and customs, etc.

So here’s where you guys come in – if you see things that you’d be interested in buying let me know. If there is enough interest so that we can make a suitably large order from any of these places then it might make it worthwhile. If not then I will just hold off and wait to see if any of the stuff eventually gets picked up by our distributors.

Check out the following websites and let me know if there are items you would be keen for us to order in for you: – In particular I’m looking at bringing in the ‘Artists of Magic’ premium playmats – They do some great geek t-shirts. Please specify a size if you are interested in ordering. – We periodically get asked for things like Chess Clocks, Mahjong, Cribbage Boards and other traditional games. – This is a Poker Dice game with a patented set of dice that has all 52 cards and two jokers and allows you roll all the different 4 of a kinds and straight flushes possible. There are also rules for using the dice to play many regular card games. – This is a US distributor that tries to stock some of the harder to find European Board games, as well as the English version of Spielbox magazine – This is a manufacturer and distributor of various miniatures and miniature games

As mentioned we would need to get up to a certain minimum order to make these worthwhile so if there are things you want please tell your friends and get them to add to the order!

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