Sean’s Historical Perspective

School projects are one of the more fun parts we get to help out with upstairs in the Historical Games section. It seems to be a constant since my schooling (and certainly before) that putting together an assembly of figures on some home-made terrain and buildings is easily the most preferable way score some grades for many of us. I remember having to justify to my Grade 10 teacher how my 54mm painted 1815 Guard Chasseur was a worthy final project on our unit on the 19th Century. After some inspired fast-talk I did, scoring a great mark and still have the old fellow kicking around (looking a little different having been painted in very Mod colours one riotous night).

So, self-aggrandizing rambles aside, I am very happy to see the tradition of the historical diorama school project continuing. We get every request you can think of from ‘ummmm, I’m doing French and British fighting in Quebec and stuff’ to ‘I’m depicting Huáscar and Atahualpa’s Civil War of 1527 to 1532’. And yes, we can supply figures for both.

Which segues in to my product profile… IMEX hobbies has been producing 1/72nd/20mm plastic soldiers for sometime now, and a few of their kits are pretty much the best of the bunch. IMEX has now introduced under the new brand ‘Billy V’ a series of sets of matched pairs of plastic soldiers. (I’m not sure if that’s Billy ‘Vee’ or Billy the ‘Fifth’ but he does have strange Brylcreamed hair and a distraction issues type grin.)

The list of products is pretty US history heavy. But that’s nothing we’re not used to. The sets cover the World War 2, Lewis and Clark, The Alamo, US Civil War (with separate artillery, cavalry and infantry packs) Korean War and other periods. They’re sold in bagged packs backed with cardboard. While the packaging does give off a dollar store vibe you must go beyond that, you can see what you get and the cardboard backing has cut-out scenics you can construct which is a nice bonus.

Each $12.95 package has two sprues each of the matched adversaries/companions. North Koreans and GI’s, Rebs and Yanks, you get the drift. No need to buy two separate boxes. Figure count is roughly 100 per set, but varies.

The best part of this line is the retooling of the moulds and the use of a harder plastic. This plastic is harder, easier to glue and will hold paint much better. So those who wargame is 1/72nd scale may wish to give these lists a once-over. The Revolutionary War set is especially nice.

We have other lines as well. Many other lines. We are still dedicated to carrying the best and widest selection of plastic figures available. You name the time and place, we probably have it. From Ancient Sumeria to Modern Iraq. School project for you or somebody you know? Drop in we can give all sorts of advice and guidance, much of it useful!

Seriously though, we do our best to focus on Canadian History as we can get it. We stock lots of the excellent HaT WW1 Canadian Infantry and many fine sets from Italeri so you can have all the fixings and trimmings for the Anglo-French conflicts of the 18th century. You can find a full listing of our inventory on our website.

Sumeria to present day Iraq? Hmmm. Same place, just 4500 years difference… Coincidence? I’ll get back to you.

-Sean, upstairs every Saturday.


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