Lead Painters’ League Season 5

The Lead Painters’ League is a contest on the Lead Adventure Forum where people paint teams of miniatures which then go up against each other in a league match with points awarded to the winner and then the title goes to the person with the most points at the end.

A team consists of a number of painted figures – at least five, but more if you wish. The ‘team’ must follow a common theme. For example, you might enter a cowboy posse, but not Masai led by a Silver Age Superhero or German Fallschirmjägers led by Indiana Jones. Other than that, a ‘team’ might be a ‘posse’, ‘squad’, ‘gang’, ‘group’ or even a ‘regiment’ – the sky’s pretty much the limit.

To recap – at least five figures following a single, distinct theme.
The team must represent a homogenous group – not antagonists from the same period. It’s supposed to be a team.

The entry should not be an out-and-out collage of individual pictures, but primarily a ‘group shot’ of the team, in either scenic setting or against a plain backdrop, as you prefer. You may add closeups or cutaways of small aspects, like faces, equipment, etc. and / or show different angles of the same figures (front and rear view for instance). But the main focus of the image must be on ‘the team’.

The full rules of the contest can be found here

Two members of our painting demo team, Mike and Cam, will be entering this year, and if you fancy your chances or just want an excuse to get some more models painted then check it out!


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