Upcoming Releases

Here are the new releases that we are expecting to arrive in our main delivery next week (Wednesday 19th or Thursday 20th January):

Tikal 2
Perpetual-Motion Machine
Storming the Reich
Silent War: Imperial Japanese Navy
Call of Cthulhu LCG: Order of the Silver Twilight
Porto Carthargo
Railroad Barons
Battle for Baghdad
Anima Tactics – Shinobi
Anima Tactics – Covel
Miniature Wargames Magazine #333
Fudge Dice Olympic (12)
Crossbow Mech
Turhan Wheeled Vehicle (2)
Flamberge Mech
Pathfinder Adventure Path – Vault of Madness
Starfarer’s Gazette #1
Battlefields XP HERO Basing Kit
Battlefields XP Winter Tuft

Plus re-stocks on many items including Race for the Galaxy and Space Alert…


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