New Releases November 12th

Here is a list of the new releases in store November 12th:

Board/Card Games:

The Rivals for Catan
Illuminati: Mutual Assured Distraction expansion
Munchkin: Go Up a Level expansion
Munchkin: Santa’s Revenge expansion
Frag Gold Edition FTW expansion
The Target
High Frontier
High Frontier expansion
Charon Inc.
A Christmas Story: The Party Game


Unveiled Threats (Cthulhutech)
Quicklaunch (Shattered Empires)
Compendium Volume I (Rune Quest II)
Sector Fleet (Traveller)
In from the Cold (Dragon Warriors)
LBB7: Merchant Prince (Traveller)
Oz: Dark & Terrible
Time of High Adventure (Fantasy Craft)
Game Master’s Screen & Adventure (L5R)


Grotesques Unit (Hordes)
Hakaar the Destroyer (Hordes)
Nuala the Huntress (Hordes)
No Quarter #33

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