New Releases November 4th

New releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

The Mines of Zavandor
Lifeboat expansion #2: Liquid Courage
Kings & Things
The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I’m in!


De Profundis (Cthulhu)
Wild Talents Essential Edition
Shadowrun Darkest Hour: Dawn of the Artifacts
Faces in the Smoke Volume 2: Shadows & Steel (Victoriana)
Beneath the Despairing Stone (Castles & Crusades)
Wild Cards: Aces & Jokers (Mutants & Masterminds)
Aliens & Creatures (Doctor Who)
D66 Compendium (Traveller)
Freeport Companion (Pathfinder)
Kobold Quarterly #15
Keeper’s Keep Battlemap (Pathfinder)
Area of Effect Templates (Pathfinder)
100 Horror Adventure Seeds
Thou Shalt Not Suffer (Clockwork & Chivalry)
Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook (Pathfinder)
Conflict Skirmishing (Pathfinder)


Jihad Hot Spots: Terra (Battletech)
DC Heroclix Brightest Day 7 Figure Action Pack

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