Back from Essen

After an exciting weekend at Fallcon I jetted straight off to Essen, Germany to go to the International Spieltag fair. Unlike the previous time I had been, I was representing the Sentry Box and hoping to pick up some of the exclusive Essen releases to bring back to the store. I had a limited budget and had to ship back most of the items but here is a list of what I managed to buy:

Firstly the small stuff that I got in my luggage and will have available immediately:

10 x Agricola Legen’dairy Deck (Tannenbaum Deck)
6 x Agricola Gamers Deck
1 x Set of Catan Plushies

Secondly the stuff I have shipped and will hopefully have available within a couple of weeks:

1 x Grand Cru
2 x Hansa Teutonica East Expansion
10 x Magnum Sal
5 x Norenberc (including the Essen promo)
6 x 51st State
6 x Stronghold: Undead Expansion
2 x K2
4 x Liberte
1 x Khan
4 x Merkator

I also received store demo copies of the following games:

Strada Romana
Fresco + the expansion
Cable Car
Bargain Hunter
Two by Two

The shipping costs for sending this stuff are quite high, and so obviously this will be reflected in the final price. The astute among you will have noticed that, with a couple of exceptions, I didn’t really get anything that is being published by a North American publisher as they should become available within a month or so anyway. The items I do have are obviously very limited, will be subject to a max 1 per customer limit and will be first come first served with no holding items for a later day.

Look out for a more detailed report from the show (including a few pics) over the next week or so.

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9 comments on “Back from Essen

  1. Hey Greg,

    I’m interested in some of the items you have, but I just want to know what the cost will be and when I can come by to pick them up.

    Magnum Sal
    Agricola Legen’dairy Deck
    Agricola Gamers Deck

    I’m also interested in the Stronghold Undead expansion as well, but I don’t know if I can afford everything at once. Let me know the price and availability though on all items so I can pick them up asap and not make you hold them for too long.



    • We have the Agricola decks in store right now – the Gamers Deck is $21.22 and the Legen*dairy deck is $10. As mentioned though, they will be first come first served and I can’t hold anything for anyone. The other items are being shipped and so I don’t know exactly when they will arrive or what the final price will be (it depends on how much the shipping comes to). At a rough guess I would say Magnum Sal will be around $45-$50, Norenberc will be around $70-$75 and likewise the Stronghold expansion. That’s assuming a high shipping cost so if it comes in cheaper they will obviously end up being less.

  2. I am probably late for some of the items you brought back from Essen bought thought I should check.
    If possible I would be interested in, Norenberc, 51St. State, Stronghold Expansion, K2, Khan, Agricola
    Legen’dairy Deck, Agricola Gamers Deck, Hansa Expansion and Magnum Sal.



    • Hi Robert,

      As mentioned in the post, the only things we have in store right now are the Agriola decks. As I type this we still have several of each available. All the other games you mentioned are being shipped and likely won’t arrive until at least next week, so you haven’t missed any of them yet. They will be first come first served when they arrive, so I will be sure to make an announcement prior to putting them out for sale to make sure everyone is aware.

    • The latest estimate is this Friday. It is slightly frustrating, knowing that the type of shipping used (Fedex International Priority Freight) says 2 days from Europe to Canada, but we are so far at two weeks and counting. The frustration is mostly down to me being a control freak though, as I don’t have much information to go on, given that I am not in direct contact with Fedex or the company whose account is being used! Trying to stay patient…..

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