Queen’s English #9

Here is the most recent edition of Queen’s English that went out in the latest newsletter (although I wrote it way back at the beginning of August).

The Queen’s English with Field Marshall Jackson

This month is a time for celebration as I have finally received and activated my permanent residency, only 32 months after applying! There seems to have been some confusion amongst my friends so I thought I’d explain here what it means. Being a permanent resident doesn’t mean that we are now Canadian citizens, it means that we are allowed to stay indefinitely (with some stipulations), and that banks will now actually consider us for credit cards, mortgages, etc. To become Canadian citizens we have to spend 3 more years here and then go through another drawn out application process. That would then mean we would be given a Canadian passport and would be allowed to vote here. Not that I have strong views on politics here, because I don’t know enough about what’s been happening in your political system.

In any case, Tracy and I took a trip down to Montana recently, in order to ‘flagpole’. One of the other things about activating permanent residency is that you can only do it when you are entering the country, not if you are already here. That meant we had to drive down to the US Border, cross into the US, turn around and come back again. Slightly silly, but if we didn’t do it right, we’d end up getting kicked out of the country at some point for being here illegally.

The one minor hitch now is that we need to be sent our permanent residents card, and if you leave the country you need to have this to be allowed back in. Of course it takes 9 weeks for this to be sent and I have a trip to the UK booked in a couple of weeks’ time. That means I have to go to the Canadian High Commission in London and get a temporary travel document to be allowed back into Canada. Phew, it’s lucky I’m a bit of a bureaucrat at heart. Anyway, the hard part is over and I am feeling relieved because we can now start to think a bit longer term and try to find a house. Huzzah!

Anyway, I’m now well and truly out of topics to discuss regarding the pros and cons of coming to Canada so I will just have to talk about whatever I feel like each month unless people have questions for me.

I recently wrote a blog post about the search for Game Champions – people who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to running events for a game they love – and I wanted to reiterate that point here. One of my duties at the Sentry Box is as the Events Coordinator, and so I am always looking for opportunities to run more events, especially for games that I know people would like to see events for but that we currently don’t. The main problem is that there are lots of games out there and our staff members, although all active gamers, don’t play many of them. It’s obviously difficult to run events for a game system you are unfamiliar with, so we need people who are keen enough to help coordinate these events themselves. If you want to play in a regular league or meetup for a specific game but we don’t currently have one, then perhaps you can be the one to take the initiative and start running something so that all the other people in the same situation can finally meet up and play. I will be happy to help as much as possible by trying to find the time and space for you, providing prize support if possible and by compensating organizers with store credit or a suitable alternative. In particular, at the moment, our Wednesday Night D&D Encounters sessions have started really taking off and we are looking for someone who could help by DMing an additional table. If anyone out there is interested then please email me and we can discuss things.

I thought I would also take the opportunity to mention the two games nights that I run at the store, as I know that not everyone reads the posters on the notice board or checks out the events calendar in store or online. Every Tuesday night and every Thursday night (except for the 1st Thursday each month) I run an open gaming session from 6.30pm till around 11pm. We play out on the mezzanine as well as in the back room and so there is plenty of space. I also keep the till running so that I can run downstairs and serve people that want chips, pop, or even games. I personally play mostly Euro style board games but we also have people playing Wargames, card games and sometimes miniature games and I’m definitely open to people playing whatever type of games they like on these evenings. When I close up at 11pm some people often stay longer in the after hours room, so longer, meatier games are possible.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that I am going to be attending the Spiel Games Fair in Essen this October, and I am keen to hear if people are anticipating certain releases and whether I should look out for and bring back some copies of certain games. Many of them end up taking a year or more before a North American Publisher can get them to our shelves and I would like to be able to have some exclusives for our customers.

While I’m blowing my own trumpet I should also mention the Facebook fan page which has tabs for what we currently have on sale as well as for a complete list of all our demo games that are available to play in store or rent. It also has periodic information on new releases, photos from events and any other random things that I am currently finding amusing and think that you will also like. I also do spontaneous discounts by giving out a password to get discounts on certain products for that day only, so it may be worth keeping an eye on.

Apologies for the fact that this month’s article turned into a bit of an advertisement for some of the stuff I am doing in store, but if anyone has anything else they’d like me to talk about I will be happy to do so.

My email is ops@sentrybox.com

Please check out our:
Blog (https://sentrybox.wordpress.com/)
Twitter account (http://twitter.com/thesentrybox)
Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Calgary-AB/Sentry-Box/183581223427)
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