Events until the end of July

I just wanted to give everyone a reminder of all the events that we have going on here at the Sentry Box by highlighting what we have coming up between now and the end of July.

    Tuesday July 20th:

Tuesday Night Magic 6pm – Our usual Standard tournament
Open Gaming 6.30pm – Any kind of gaming welcome, be it CCGs, board games, miniature games, RPGs, etc. although the majority of people come to play board games.

    Wednesday July 21st:

D&D Encounters 6pm – Drop in to join the Dark Sun Campaign. All characters are pre-made so just turn up and play.
Tabletop Armies of Calgary (TAC) 6.30pm – Playing a variety of tabletop miniatures games.

    Thursday July 22nd:

Open Gaming 6.30pm – Same as the Tuesday night open gaming.

    Friday July 23rd:

Friday Night Magic (FNM) 6pm – Our usual Magic draft (currently M11).

    Saturday July 24th:

Warhammer 40K, Epic & Warhammer Fantasy 11am – Rob Kuster hosting various Games Workshop games. Just turn up to give them a try.
Magic Interstore PTQ Tune-up Series Qualifier 11am – Part of a joint venture with Phoenix Comics and Myth Games. This is a Magic Extended Tournament with qualifiers held at Phoenix and Myth on subsequent weekends and the final on August 21st at Myth Games.

    Sunday July 25th:

Painting Demo 11am – Our usual painting and modelling demo for those who want pointers on painting and terrain building.
Star Wars RPG Meetup 11am – A new meetup group playing all incarnations of the Star Wars RPG. New members welcome.

    Monday July 26th:

Flames of War 6pm – A group playing the World War II Miniatures Game

    Tuesday July 27th:

Tuesday Night Magic 6pm – Same as Tuesday 20th
Open Gaming 6.30pm – Same as Tuesday 20th

    Wednesday July 28th:

D&D Encounters 6pm – Same as Wednesday 21st
Japanese Animation Watchers Society 6.30pm – Discussing, viewing and enjoying Japanese Animation.

    Thursday July 29th:

Open Gaming 6.30pm – Including a Tichu Tournament starting at 7pm.

    Friday July 30th:

Friday Night Magic 6pm – The last Friday of each month is a two-headed giant tournament.

    Saturday July 31st:

PODthology book reading 12pm – Timothy Reynolds and Jennifer Rahn will be promoting Podthology, a new collection of short stories edited by Reynolds with a story by Rahn included.

Hopefully there’s something in there that interests you! Keep an eye on our events calendar to see other events that we have coming up.

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2 comments on “Events until the end of July

    • Yes, every Sunday, from opening until pretty much closing time. On the 2nd and last Sunday each month it is Mike and Cam running it and on all the other Sundays it’s Chris, but any and all of them will be able to offer good advice on painting and modelling.

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