Queen’s English #8

Here’s the most recent copy of the Queen’s English, written about a month ago but only just published in the latest newsletter as it takes Gord a little longer to get his stuff together for it…

The Queen’s English with Field Marshall Jackson

Welcome to another installment of Queen’s English! Now I feel it would be remiss of me to not mention the impending 2010 World Cup, only a mere 9 days away as I write this. I am currently full of chirpy optimism that this is the year our boys will do me proud and bring home the trophy. I haven’t yet given much thought to the inevitable moment when we go out on penalties in the Quarter-Finals. Like we always do. Oh dear, that chirpy optimism has faded. I do have another team to cheer for though, having drawn them in the sweepstake I am running. So, come on Slovenia!

Anyway, I feel like I should probably link this a bit more to gaming since this is an article for a games store newsletter. I may be biased because I work in a games store and therefore hang out in gaming circles, but it seems to me like Calgary has more gamers per capita than any other place I know. There are more games stores in Calgary than in London. There is a thriving and active community of gamers here and that is absolutely awesome. I was a member of a gaming group called Finchley Games Club in London (www.finchleygamesclub.org for anyone visiting London and looking to play some games) and so met every Thursday night to play there. Aside from that though, I didn’t do much gaming beyond the odd 2 player game with Tracy. Over here I play regularly with fellow staff members and other gamers at least 2 or 3 times a week. It’s marvelous! I get to talk games all day and generally immerse myself in the gaming scene, and that’s what I do for a job! It doesn’t get much better than that.

On top of that I also get to see things from other perspectives, both from working as a retailer and from talking and working with distributors and publishers. I can get access to sneak peeks of upcoming products as well as promos and other cool stuff.

So I give a big thumb’s up to working at the Sentry Box and the gaming scene in Calgary in general.

Now onto an observation I made when I first came over to Canada. As well as driving on the right hand side I noticed that when people walk on the ‘sidewalk’, they also tend to walk on the right hand side, thus creating a mini ‘pedestrian-road’. If you walk on the left hand side towards someone walking the other way it causes a look of confusion and consternation on their face. Try it. I found it amusing to do this sometimes when I first arrived, just to see the reaction, and to cause the little ‘sidewalk dance’ where you both try to get around the other person.

However, now I find that I am the one with a look of confusion and consternation on my face when it happens to me. Clearly I am being assimilated. Resistance is futile. My walking habits are becoming Canadian. I’m heading back to the UK in August for a holiday and must remember to start walking British again. After all, I wouldn’t want to step out across a road, expecting the cars to stop for me in London. No pedestrian right of way there, just a big splat of raspberry jam as I’m squished underneath them!

As always, send any thoughts or comments in to me.

My email is ops@sentrybox.com

PS Obviously the World Cup is almost over now, and England failed in the usual manner, although also with the usual amount of controversy/bad luck. I switched my allegiance to Germany since they were playing some great football but I obviously cursed them too. I’m staying neutral for the final as I think it’s great for whoever wins. Either way we’ll have a new winner!

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