Board Game Reviews: Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop is a light game of pushing your luck for 2-4 players. Each player is attempting to get three of their coloured pieces to the top of 3 numbered columns by rolling the dice until they choose to stop or are forced to.


The game comes in a fairly small square box. The board is plastic and in the shape of a stop sign with 11 columns, each with a number of squares in it and a number from 2-12 at the top. There are four coloured sets of pyramid shaped pieces and then three white marker pieces, all made of plastic as well. There are also four red transparent dice included which are of decent quality.


The rules are pretty straightforward and come in a booklet of four pages. There are several examples throughout to help explain the rules and these are always useful, although the rules are very easy once you have played.


Game set up -Each player picks a colour and takes all the pieces of that colour.

Turns -A start player is picked who goes first and then play continues clockwise around. On a player’s turn they roll the four dice and split them into two pairs to form two numbers between 2 and 12. They then add two of the three white marker pieces onto the bottom square of each of those numbered columns. They then roll again and once again split the four dice into two pairs. If they roll one of the numbers they had previously put a white marker onto then they advance that piece one space up the column. If they roll a number they hadn’t already put a white marker onto then they add the 3rd white marker and this then sets the three columns that they are trying to advance for this turn. The player then continues to roll, and move up the white markers accordingly for the numbers they roll. This continues until one of two things happens:

a) They roll numbers such that they cannot advance any of the white marker pieces up the columns. In this case the white markers are removed and the next player takes their turn.

b) The player can choose to stop at any time before they roll the dice again. In this case they replace the white markers on the board with their own coloured pieces and the next player takes their turn.

On subsequent turns if a player rolls a number for which they have one of their own coloured pieces on the board they add the white marker pieces one space above their coloured piece. If they later choose to stop they simply move their coloured piece from it’s current space in the column to the space the white marker reached.

When a player reaches the top space of a column and stops so that their coloured piece is placed there it then closes that column completely. Any other player’s pieces in the column are removed and it is now no longer possible for anyone to enter or move up this column. Thus as the game progresses there will be less and less choice as to the numbers that may be rolled.

The winner is the first player to get their pieces to the top of three of the eleven columns.

    Review of gameplay:

The gameplay is very simple once you have tried it. Simply choose to roll the dice or stop. The lure of continuing is a strong one as it can be possible to advance very far up the columns in one fell swoop. However, a player that risks rolling too much can fail and any progress they made that turn is gone. This aspect of ‘Should I roll one more time?’ is what makes the game so addictive. It’s also possible for the game to swing wildly with one player looking certain of victory only to have it snatched away by a player who gambles and goes for it.


There is obviously a huge amount of luck involved with Can’t Stop and it doesn’t offer a huge amount of choices in the game but it is quick, fun and addictive all the same. Definitely recommended for light gamers and even fun for more serious gamers who like to push their luck every once in a while!




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