Magic the Gathering Game Day, Deckbuilder’s Toolkit, etc.

This Friday sees the launch of the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit. It contains 4 random booster packs, a load of basic land and lots of other useful common and uncommon cards. It looks like it will be very useful for player’s who are starting out or players who would like to round out their collection with a bunch of playable cards. At only $21.56 I think it’s very good value.

On Saturday we have our Rise of the Eldrazi Game Day. This will be a standard constructed event costing $5 to enter. There will be packs and foils as prizes depending on the number of entrants. Registartion starts at 10.30am with the tournament kicking off at 11am. For more information come down on Friday and talk to Ben.

I’m also still looking for feedback on running an inter-store tournament in Calgary with Phoenix and Myth Games. I’d like to know what format people would like to play (assuming you do want this tournament to go ahead). There’s a sheet behind the card desk where you can let us know what format you would most like to play. Bear in mind that if it is a limited format we would have to charge more than usual in order to cover the prizes.

Lastly, the Ante League is in full swing, and I finally managed to win a game, against Rob Brews. Anyone not in so far who would like to join should come down to the Card Desk and talk to Brandon, Tyler or myself.


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