New Releases March 26th

New arrivals this week include:

Board & Card Games:

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition
Formula D: New Jersey & Sotchi circuits
Give it to the King!
Volt: Robot Battle Arena
High Command: Hordes: Elemental Rage
Agricola: Bielfeld Deck
Android: Netrunner: Draft packs
A Game of Thrones LCG: Spoils of War chapter pack
Galaxy Defenders board game
Galaxy Defenders: Elite Alien Army expansion
Lords of Vegas: Up! expansion

Tabletop Miniatures:

WarMachine: Vengeance
WarMachine: Cygnar Trencher Infantry

Roleplaying Games:

Mutants and Masterminds: Emerald City setting book
Pathfinder: Champions of Balance companion
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Mummy’s Mask 1/6: the Half-Dead City
Pathfinder Module: Tears at Bitter Manor

New Releases March 13th

Here are the latest new releases:

Board/Card Games:


Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds (expansion #2)

Nothing Personal: Young Turks expansion

Munchkin Zombies 4: Spare Parts

+6 Bag o’ Munchkin Zombies

Cardline: Globetrotter

Timeline: Music & Cinema


Sails of Glory Ship Pack: Embuscade 1798


Fate System: The Day After Ragnarok

New Releases March 6th

Just a few new releases to tell you about today:

Board/Card Games:



Star Trek Attack Wing: IRW Gal Gath’Thong

Star Trek Attack Wing: 4th Division Battleship

Star Trek Attack Wing: USS Equinox

Star Trek Attack Wing: IKS Somraw

Warmachine: Cryx Skarlock Commander

Warmachine: Mercenaries Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps

Hordes: Trollbloods Trollkin Sorcerer

Hordes: Minions Gatorman Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers

New Releases Feb 27th

We got even more new releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

Talisman: The Firelands expansion

Blue Max

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance

Four new Descent Lieutenant Packs

Pathfinder Card Game: Fortress of the Stone Giants Adventure Deck

Android Netrunner: Fear & Loathing Data Pack

LOTR Card Game: The Voice of Isengard expansion

AGOT Card Game: Draft Starter

AGOT Card Game: Draft Pack


Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask

Edge of the Empire: Dangerous Covenants

Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management

Camp Myth The RPG

Savage Worlds: Weird Wars Rome

Savage Worlds: Weird Wars Rome – Nox Germanica

Pathfinder: Bastards of Golarion

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Poster Map Folio

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous City of Locusts

Pathfinder: Flip Mat – Falls & Rapids

New Releases Feb 24th-26th

Here are the new releases that have come in so far this week:

Board/Card Games:

Sails of Glory

Sails of Glory Ship Pack expansions

Sails of Glory Game Mat

Sails of Glory Coastal Batteries Terrain Pack

Sails of Glory Coasts and Shoals Terrain Pack

High Command: Into the Breach expansion

Dragon Caster

Oh my God! There’s an axe in my head

Council of Verona

Paradise Fallen

Relic Expedition

Race! Formula 90


Panic on Wall Street!

Assassin’s Creed Arena

DC Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite

Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber

Start Player



Shadowrun: Gear Cards Series 1

Rifts: The Rifter #65

L5R: The Book of Water


Hordes: Circle Orboros Gorax Light Warbeast

Hordes: Minions War Hog

Hordes: Minions Bog Trog Ambushers Unit

New Releases December 9th-11th

As well as receiving Ogre this week we also got our Kickstarter copies of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia and also Deadzone, the new miniatures game from Mantic Games.


Other regular new releases are as follows:

Board/Card Games:

Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked!

Zombie Dice Brain Case



Baba Yaga

The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die!

Flash Point: Fire Rescue: Veteran & Rescue Dog expansion

Flash Point: Fire Rescue: Extreme Danger expansion


Snowdonia: Jungfraubahn & Mount Washington expansion



Star Trek Attack Wing: RIS Vo

Star Trek Attack Wing: Koranak

Star Trek Attack Wing: IKS Koraga

Star Trek Attack Wing: USS Excelsior


Savage Worlds: Nemezis

Savage Worlds: Steamscapes: North America

Short Order Heroes

Sword Noir


GURPS Zombies

Other notable releases from previous weeks that weren’t posted:

Ticket to Ride: Netherlands

Eldritch Horror

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak

Zombicide Toxic City Mall expansion

Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm expansion

New Releases November 7th

Here are today’s new releases:

Board/Card Games:

The Hobbit: The Defeat of Smaug


Kingdom Builder: Crossroads expansion

Thebes: The Tomb Raiders

A Game of Thrones The Card Game: The Kingsguard Chapter Pack

Call of Cthulhu The card Game: Terror in Venice expansion


Rifts: World Book 33 – Northern Gun 1

Rogue Trader: Faith and Coin

The Unspeakable Oath #23

New Releases October 24th

Here are the new releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

The Witches

Thunderstone Advance: Numenera

Heroes of Metro City

Corporate America

The Lost Dutchman

Serpent Stones

The Little Prince

Odynauts in Chipleader

Odynauts in Hennen Jennen

Odynauts in Cavemen playing with fire

Nothing Personal

Gloom: Unquiet Dead expansion

Lord of the Rings LCG: The Blood of Gondor Adventure Pack

Choose One!

Blood Bound


Warmachine: Ghordson Earthbreaker Rhulic Colossal

Warmachine: Steelhead Halberdiers Unit

Hordes: Fennblade Kithkar

New Releases October 10th

Here are the new releases in store today:

Board/Card Games:

Dungeon Roll

Asgard’s Chosen

Relic Runners

Say what you meme


Hordes: High Command

High Frontier: Colonization expansion

Helpers of Catan


Ars Magica: The Contested Isle

The One Ring: The Heart of the Wild

Battletech: Alpha Strike

Battletech: Alpha Kit


Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah Houseguard Halberdiers

Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss Reductors Unit

New Releases September 26th

Here are the new releases in store September 26th:

Board/Card Games:

Bora Bora

Deadwood Studios USA

Romance of the Nine Empires

The Piggyback Brigade

Nightfall: Eastern Skies

The Three Little Pigs


Shadowrun Core Rulebook

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Sword of Valor

Pathfinder Mythic Realms

Pathfinder Mythic Origins

Better Angels RPG

Cosmic Patrol: The Moon must be ours!